What is a TCT planer blade?

Author: Geym

Dec. 22, 2022


TCT planer blade is also known as carbide planer or tungsten carbide coated planer (TCT). Tungsten carbide is hard, wear-resistant and impact-resistant. The tungsten carbide tip is capable of operating at higher temperatures, and therefore TCT blades typically operate at higher surface speeds. This allows tungsten carbide blades to cut at higher speeds while still maintaining an acceptable chip load per tooth.

A major advantage of TCT planer blades is that they remain sharp for up to 5 times longer. TCT planer blades are designed for cutting metal pipes, tubes, guides, nickel-based metals, zirconium, cobalt, and titanium.TCT tools can be used on almost any machine and have a wide range of applications.

A TCT (tungsten carbide tipped) planer blade is a type of blade used in a power tool called a planer. A planer is a tool that is used to smooth and thickness wood or other materials by removing small amounts of material from the surface. TCT planer blades are made from a hard and durable material called tungsten carbide, which is a compound of tungsten and carbon. TCT planer blades are typically used for heavy-duty planing tasks, as they are able to withstand the high temperatures and pressures that are generated when the blade is in use. They are also very resistant to wear and tear, which makes them ideal for use in applications where the blade will be subjected to frequent use.

What is the difference between TCT and HSS?

1. TCT planer blades are usually about five times longer than HSS blades.

2. TCT knives are not as sharp as HSS tools. They are less smooth, but satisfactory.

3. TCT planer blades are more expensive than HSS knives, but in the long run, TCT planer knives are more cost effective.

4. HSS has better cutting ability than TCT.


If your cutting task does not require much accuracy and smoothness, such as wood cutting, then the HSS planer blade will be perfect for you. If the job you are about to complete requires high quality and accurate results that exceed all other parameters, then TCT tools will excel. TCT planer blades are best suited for metal cutting jobs. You can choose the right blade for your actual needs. 

We supply direct factory manufacturing TCT wood cutting saw blade for cutting solid wood, plywood, chipboard and MDF, made with premium steel center and 100% original OKE YG6 carbide tips.

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