What Type of Filter Media is Best for a Compressor or Blower?

Author: Marie

Mar. 27, 2023


There are a wide range of filter media and replacement filter elements to choose from.  The right selection will ensure the equipment receives the clean air it needs to perform its role with consistency and reliability. A well-sized and efficient air filter will defend against premature equipment failure and excessive energy consumption.  

Polyester filter elements and paper filter elements are suitable for most general applications. Alternative media options are available for specialty applications with stricter purity requirements.

What is Air Blower Filter?

Paper media (2-micron) is suitable for indoor applications with minimal humidity and moisture.  In outdoor applications, polyester media is necessary as it is better suited to resist moisture and temperature fluctuations. Polyester is normally available in multiple micron options (1,4,5,25, or 100-micron). Choosing the correct micron rating depends on the type of dust present in the operating environment. 

High-efficiency media or HEPA filters can offer additional protection, particularly in sensitive applications such as food, medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and clean room applications. Solutions can incorporate E12 HEPA filter elements and PTFE filter elements (0.3 micron) as well as H14 ULPA filter elements (0.1 micron). 

The filter media choice is influenced by installation location and operating environment.   

Filter Silencer Materials of Construction

Most filter silencers are constructed from plastic or metal, and each material of construction has its own merits. Plastic is used as lightweight, general duty option with good resistance to chemicals, while metal construction offers greater durability and improved silencing performance.    

What are the Different Types of Filter Silencer Cartridges?

Incorporating smaller and more compact filter designs into a blower or compressor package is the today’s trend.  Solberg’s “hockey puck” design is an excellent example of high-performance filtration in a compact package.  As the size of the blower filter or compressor increases, additional surface area is needed to handle the higher flow rates.  Cylindrical cartridge designs offer increased surface area and are available with various construction materials. Solberg Filter Silencers use both types of filter cartridges in their designs. 


Filter silencers, air mufflers, compressor mufflers, and pneumatic mufflers come in various shapes and sizes.  The dual function of the filter silencer makes it an excellent choice for most applications where silencing is required.  The added benefit of filtering the air entering or leaving the equipment is worth exploring.  Filter silencers can be sized for optimal airflow and silencing properties within a given space constraint.  Selecting a robust solution for inlet air will ensure extended life cycles of the equipment and maximize service interval periods.  The proper filter silencer will also help reduce oil consumption while lowering operating costs and minimizing the environmental impact of the equipment.

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