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Method For Improving The Surface Roughness Of Stainless Steel Castings

1. Improve the smoothness of the surface of stainless steel, stainless steel is the influence factors of surface roughness of liquid metal into the stainless steel surface gap, crystal diameter, surface pore average diameter, surface curvature radius of liquid alloy will is an important factor affecting the liquid metal penetration depth, so as to obtain the smooth surface of the stainless steel castings to reduce crystal and the particle diameter decreases, the surface pore diameter Lujiang; or the enrichment on the surface of the additive, the larger pores filled, in order to reduce the penetration depth of liquid metal.

2. The relationship between the temperature of stainless steel and the pouring temperature of the metal liquid and the surface roughness of casting. With the increase of temperature and pouring temperature of metal liquid, the filling property of molten metal is improved, the depth of infiltration into the surface pores increases and the surface roughness of stainless steel castings increases.

3. Deal with the alloy modification, and the good thermal conductivity of zircon filler to improve the cooling speed of steel castings, the casting surface layer grain is small, to reduce the surface roughness of castings.


Post time: Jun-13-2019
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