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What Are The Reasons For The Rough Surface Of Stainless Steel Castings?

Steel castings surface roughness is an important factor in the quality detection of stainless steel castings, such as stainless steel material of the coarse problem, or stainless steel castings in the production process of the casting process. Following is some of the reasons that caused the surface roughness of stainless steel.

1. From the first material, stainless steel castings surface roughness of a large part of the reason is the quality of the stainless steel itself, with columnar crystal structure of network skeleton, with a refractory material, additive and water filling in the middle of the frame, but in the dry roasting surface has a pore size of liquid metal penetrate into the pore size of these, resulting in rough surface of stainless steel, causing the phenomenon of rough surface of stainless steel castings.

2. Manufacturing industry, casting stainless steel castings casting process is an important link, the roughness affects stainless steel temperature, pouring temperature and pressure head, the vacuum pouring process parameters on the casting surface, especially the effects of mould temperature and the pouring temperature is larger.

3. Alloy, small thermal conductivity, in the use of stainless steel after pouring molten metal into a type of slow cooling and casting coarse grains prepared by concave grains makes the casting surface roughness, the grain boundary groove depth may reach 7 M.

4. Press type and the surface quality of investment mould. The surface roughness of investment casting is the most important part of the surface roughness of casting. It is also related to the quality of the pressing surface, the method of pressing and pressing process parameters.

Post time: Jun-13-2018
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