Fuel Filter 101 – Symptoms, Replacement and Cost

Author: Liang

Mar. 07, 2024

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While it’s much cleaner today than ever before, the fuel in your vehicle’s gas tank still contains particles, sediment, and contaminants that can clog the fuel filter. The buildup of contaminants restricts the flow of fuel, which can subsequently cause engine problems.  Fuel filters serve a critical function within your car’s engine fuel system and problems are often misdiagnosed because they mimic other common problems.  The fuel filter’s job is to trap impurities in the filter media and prevent them from getting farther into the fuel system – ultimately affecting engine performance.

Your vehicle’s fuel filter is often a small part that performs a big job. As the fuel filter does its job of collecting particles, the filter media starts to become blocked. Even the smallest amounts of debris can result in costly damage, poor gas mileage, and decreased performance.  The debris reduces the flow of fuel to the pump and amount of fuel that reaches the injectors.  If the filter becomes too clogged, the reduced fuel volume will decrease power and may cause the engine to hesitate, misfire or stall.

What Is A Fuel Filter

Fuel filters clean the fuel in the way an air pump filter cleans air. By acting as a protector of the engine, it shields the internal parts from dust, debris and other contaminants by collecting them to keep the entering fuel clean. Filters like this are are sometimes known as your first layer of defense, because if they break down, then havoc is unleashed on your engine. Keep your defenses up!

Common Signs And Symptoms That You Need to Replace A Fuel Filter

  • Check Engine Light is lit
  • Car fails to start
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Engine is performing poorly

How Important Is This Service?

Fuel filters ensure gas that enters your pump is clean. If it is contaminated, it can create not only worse performance, but damage to your engine’s internal parts. If your filter gets clogged or is compromised for any reason, have a certified technician come by immediately for a repair.

Fuel Filter 101 – Symptoms, Replacement and Cost

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