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How to buy auto parts?

Author: Hou

Jun. 20, 2024

When we need to replace car parts, we often face an important problem: the balance between price and quality. When choosing the right parts, we want to achieve high-quality performance without losing too much money on the wallet. But among the many parts types, which are the most worthwhile investments? What types save you some budget without compromising the performance and safety of your car?

1, key parts as far as possible to buy matching factory products

Even Toyota GM can't produce all the parts, so we just need to know where our broken parts are made. For example, Toyota's car water tank is mostly the product of Japan's composite company, the electrical part is mostly the product of electric equipment, SAIC GM's lights are mostly manufactured by small series, with these experiences, once the warranty can purchase the corresponding parts manufacturer's products, Taobao has many accessories distributors, the goods they provide are genuine, buy this kind of product can avoid buying fake goods or spend high prices. If you don't know where your car parts are matched, you can consult several popular car forums, such as the "Auto Repair Q & A" in Auto Repair Treasure. There will always be enthusiastic enthusiasts to answer these questions, at least to save you a sum. If you really don't know, you can check the corresponding serial number of your car parts. Generally speaking, buying according to the serial number will rarely be wrong (most cars have a unique 17-digit VIN code).

2, wearing parts as far as possible to buy brand parts

The wearing parts defined here include: brake disc/piece, clutch disc/piece, release bearing, four-filter, wiper, spark plug these products, these products are often damaged and replaced, but the amount is not expensive and more important is no technical content, belonging to the products that are often purchased and easy to consume. If you can't figure out the corresponding supporting factory of your car, you can buy the brand directly. For example, the famous brand in wiper blade, Bosch and Valeo, 80% of the cars are matched by these two manufacturers, Tianhe and Sasaki in brake disc, etc.; the four filters belong to the disaster area of high imitation, so you can buy brand products directly, even if it is not as good as the original equipment, it is much better than the high imitation products with the cost of 10 yuan.

Steering Knuckle.jpg

3. Engine oil

The price of a lot of engine oil is that regular agents can't buy it, but there are still hundreds of sales in a certain treasure, even if it is without ticket price, it is also unlikely, but some people are willing to believe cheap goods, buy so-called cheap engine oil in a certain treasure. Engine oil belongs to the low-profit products in the auto parts industry, especially the circulating agent enterprises, the price increase will not exceed 10% gross profit, once the price is found to be too low, it can be said with certainty that this engine oil is fake (except for special channels with small quantities). If you buy oil, try to buy it from an online store authorized by the manufacturer or from a local oil dealer. Solemnly remind, fake oil can not only have carbon deposit such a disadvantage.

4. Skin parts

If the car has been insured, and the car price is not too high, then the skin parts can be selected from domestic parts, including the representative products: front and rear bumpers, middle net, middle net standard, exhaust pipe surround, spare tire cover, fender lining. Most of these parts themselves are plastic one-time molding, are fixed with bayonet and other equipment, without too much technical content, belong to the crash useful, usually is the display of the product, if the original factory price difference is too large, then choose some well-known brands of auxiliary factory parts bar. Because there are too many well-known brands, they are not recommended one by one. You can cut them at 1/3 or 1/2 of the genuine price. The general quality of this price stage is still guaranteed.

Simply put, the most important thing for us to buy accessories is not to be cheap. Many cheap things say they are genuine, which is nonsense. The factory price of car parts manufacturers stipulates the lower limit of the product. Regarding the purchase of parts and accessories, it can definitely be described as taking advantage of small losses.




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