Take You To Know Valve Grinding Tools And Abrasives

Author: Hou

Nov. 13, 2023


Grinder equipment supplier introduces you: Grinding head and base:

When the valve is overhauled, a lot of important work is to grind the sealing surfaces of the valve disc and the valve seat. When starting to grind the sealing surface, you cannot directly grind the door core and the door seat. Because of the inconsistent damage, direct grinding is a waste of material and it is easy to grind the door core and the door seat. Door seat and door core grinding. The number of grinding heads and grinding seats should be sufficient, and the size and angle must be consistent with the valve discs and valve seats. The hardness of the material used should be slightly smaller than that of the valve seats and valve discs. Generally, ordinary carbon steel and cast iron are used.

For manual grinding, the grinding head or disc must be equipped with various grinding rods. The grinding head and the grinding rod are assembled together and placed in the valve seat to grind the valve seat; the valve disc and the grinding rod are assembled together and placed in the grinding seat to polish the valve disc.

The grinding rod and the grinding head (or valve disc) are connected with fixing bolts. They must be assembled straight and not skewed. It is best to turn clockwise when using to prevent the bolts from loosening.

The size of the grinding rod is determined according to the actual situation. The length of the grinding rod for smaller valves is 150mm and the diameter is about 20mm; the length of the grinding rod for 40-50mm valves is 200mm and the diameter is about 25mm. To facilitate operation, the top of the grinding rod is often made into a movable head.

The head of the grinding rod can also be equipped with a taper milling cutter head 5 (usually prepared according to the structure of the door seat), and the door seat is directly milled to improve the grinding efficiency. During the grinding process, the grinding rod and the door seat must be kept vertical and must not be biased. oblique. The grinding rod is guided by a guide centering plate fitted on the valve body, so that the grinding rod does not deflect during grinding. If any deviation is found, it should be corrected in time.

Electric drill type grinding tool

In order to reduce the labor intensity of the grinding valve and speed up the grinding speed, the common use of hand drills for small ball valves is to grind the grinding rod. Grinding by this method is faster. For example, if the valve seat has a pit with a depth of 0.2 to 0.3 mm, it can be ground in a few minutes by using abrasive sand or self-adhesive sandpaper, and then manually grind a little to achieve quality Claim.

Safety Valve Grinding Machine

Safety Valve Grinding Machine

Abrasive material:

Low-carbon steel. The toughness of low carbon steel is greater than that of cast iron, and it can adapt to the work of slender round holes, conical holes, and threads that are difficult to grind.

aluminum. Aluminum is softer than copper and is suitable for soft metals such as copper.

Lead, Babbitt alloy. Suitable for polishing and grinding soft steel or other soft materials. glass. The glass is hard and brittle and suitable for grinding and polishing of workpieces, especially the lapping of hardened steel.

Leather, felt, polyester fabric. The soft texture is often used for polishing workpieces. The polyester fabric is flat and even, and the pad is on a flat research tool. The effect of lapping and polishing is good.

asphalt. Asphalt has a soft texture. It is used for grinding and polishing of brittle and hard materials such as glass and crystal lamps. It is also suitable for fine polishing of hardened steel. Asphalt has strong adaptability to workpieces.

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